Kitchen SinkKitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

We couldn’t help ourselves. We just kept piling on more flavors. Like salty swirls of caramel. And chocolate brownie chunks. And then gooey cookie dough. The only thing we didn’t pile on? Added sugar.

Kitchen Sink

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Nutrition Facts
Kitchen Sink


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That’s why we’ve strategically selected sweeteners that deliver the ultimate ice cream experience while keeping your body’s metabolic needs in mind.
*Not a low calorie food


Often referred to as a super-food, MCT Oil may help act as an alternative energy source, lower inflammation, increase cognitive function.

Prebiotic Fiber

Our prebiotic fiber of choice is Soluble Corn Fiber. This short chain fatty acid has been shown in research to offer many potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects ,cardiovascular system benefits, improved insulin sensitivity, and much more.

Gluten Free

A 100% gluten free product is hard to come by in the ice cream section. Our pints and sammies contain zero gluten and are safe to eat for anyone with a gluten allergy. Dig in!

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