Chocolate Brownie ChunkChocolate Brownie Chunk

Chocolate Brownie Chunk

Chunks of chocolate and brownie. Not slivers. Not flecks. Big ol' CHUNKS.

Chocolate Brownie Chunk

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Nutrition Facts
Chocolate Brownie Chunk


Product Attributes


In the world of low carbohydrates, sweeteners have becomes incredibly popular.  We methodically have selected the three sweeteners, allulose, erythritol, and monk fruit to deliver the ultimate ice cream experience and taking into consideration your metabolic needs.
*Not a low calorie food


Often referred to as a super-food, MCT Oil may help act as an alternative energy source, lower inflammation, increase cognitive function.

Prebiotic Fiber

We strategically chose to use a prebiotic fiber called Soluble Corn Fiber. This is not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup. Our fiber compared to others on the market has more than double the stomach tolerance meaning that it’s unlikely that you as the consumer will experience any stomach issues. Soluble Corn Fiber is broken down and digested by the bacteria in your gut and converted into short chain fatty acids.  These short chain fatty acids have many benefits including very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  

Gluten Free

A 100% gluten free product is hard to come by in the novelty ice cream section. Our pints and sammies contain zero gluten and are safe to eat for anyone with a gluten allergy. Dig in!

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