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One day, after an unusually grueling work-out, founder Louis Armstrong and a friend stopped and grabbed ice cream sandwiches out of a gas station freezer. Louis wondered out loud to his buddy – “why can’t ice cream pack a nutrient dense punch?” A good question for sure. But an even better idea when a food scientist like Louis asks it. From there it was off to the ice cream races.

June 1o, 2016

Killer Launch

Louis and his wife Liz launch a new ice cream by the name of Killer Whey! on their wedding day. Yes, you did hear that right, on their wedding day. Things started small at the local farmers market but quickly built up steam as locals began to rave about their delicious sugar free protein ice cream products.

Growing Rapidly

By this time Louis has begun using a small production facility to manufacture and pack ice cream himself. The company has expanded to 3 employees and has launched a new product line up catering to keto friendly consumers. It is welcomed with open arms by Albertsons, Winco, and other local retailers.

April, 2018
March, 2019

To The Moon

2019 was a huge year for Killer Creamery and team. Retailers across the country were asking for now Killer Creamery’s delicious keto friendly ice creams and the company had launched 2 new flavors (Lemon Poppyseed and Cinnabun). The team continued to grow and Killer Creamery made huge strides in the competitive retail landscape.

Betting The House

With a background in Food Science and a team of highly skilled RND specialists around him Louis went to work on what we now know as the Killer Sammie. A gluten free, sugar free, and keto friendly version of the classic ice cream sandwich. When they say we bet the house house on this one - we mean it.

June, 2020
January, 2022

Innovations And Big Dreams

Covid took a toll on everyone but Killer Creamery made it through the hard times with it’s team intact and continued growth on the horizon. New innovations are leading the charge with multiple game changing products coming in 2022 and 2023. Innovation continues to be at the core of our company and mission.

Louis Armstrong


Typically I’d never pick a Mint Chip flavor in my top tier. However, our Mint Chip Sandwich is undeniable and the chocolate wafer just sends it home for me!

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Matt Price

Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Flavor: Vanilla Sammie

My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. It’s a delicious marriage of the texture and flavor a cookie brings to the creaminess of the ice cream. Making our vanilla sandwiches my go-to!

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Josh Field

Chief Innovation Officer

Favorite Flavor: Kitchen Sink

Affectionately known as Whale Trails - It’s like a cold stone creation in a cup without all the sugar and gluten.

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Tate Glasgow

VP of Marketing

Normally not the way I'd go but the combination of our mint chip ice cream and the chocolate wafer is truly unbelievable, sugar or not.

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Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Our Spirit Animal

What inspires us? Friends of course. And family, absolutely.

But our Spirit Animal is the Killer Whale. They are a cosmopolitan species, found in all the world’s oceans, in diverse marine environments. They are extremely intelligent and highly social – living together in pods, often for multiple generations. Only elephants and higher primates exhibit comparably complex social structures. Majestic, beautiful creatures that inspire us with their commitment to each other, and their sense of bonding and play.  This is why we support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.